Truck Towing

If you are looking for a professional truck towing service, you need to know that only experienced people trained to transport vehicles can provide you with that service. You need a truck towing company that has years of experience and is capable of towing any kind of vehicle safely, quickly and in the most cost effective manner. You do not want your vehicle delivered in a worse condition than what you sent it in. So, get someone who knows what towing is all about and also charges very competitive fees.

Ace Towing & Heavy Salvage is the company you need, We offer a reliable service and will esnure there is no damage to the vehicle being towed as well as making sure you are not charged exorbitant prices for the service. We are a truck towing service that does not over-promise and under-deliver, we know the business and have skilled professionals who know the technicalities of towing vehicles makes our towing service the best in the industry.

Truck towing is about knowing what size of tow truck is needed to tow another vehicle and what condition the damaged vehicle is in so that a proper tow truck is assigned to it. Ace Towing & Heavy Salvage has all the equipment needed to effectively complete any towing assignment with the least amount of stress to everyone involved.

We are a very experienced truck towing service with the knowledge, information, qualifications, equipment and vehicles to tow any vehicle, in any condition, from any spot to any spot and will be ready to move on call. So, if you want your vehicle to be moved efficiently and safely, you should get in touch with us as we are the most reliable truck towing service available in New Zealand.

Services we provide are:

  • Heavy Haulage
  • Vehicle Towing
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Accident Towing
  • Police Towing
  • Tow Aways
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Jump Starts
  • Vehicle Unlocks
  • Breakdown Recovery
  • 24 Hour Towing
  • Secure Storage

So if your vehicle gave up on you or you got involved in an accident, get in touch with us on 09 377 2986 straight away, one of our friendly controllers will have the right people to you in the fastest possible time, or email us using our contact form for more information.